Third Eye Hockey is a first person hockey game for PC

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To Release Public Beta

ETA: Summer 2019

Refine Movement Engine
Refine the skating / jumping / crouching so that there are no known major issues
Refine Pucks / Balls
Refine the active game objects so that they "act as they should"
Refine Stick Handling
Refine the stick handling so that it is working as intended in all situations without major issues
Add gameplay sounds so that the game does not feel like darkness (my old friend)
Create the main menu, server list, options screen
Make Goalie Engine
The nets were made big for a reason; time to give goalies the gear they need
Centralized Server
Set up centralized server for delivering server listings
Bug Fixes
Correct all known issues:
  • Multiplayer - Loss of control of player when too many active objects (pucks/balls) are placed into play area. This is caused by overflow of the data stream (too much data being sent at once). Obviously unlimited can not be accounted for, but the system should better handle this situation perhaps by reducing the amount of data sent each tick to a "reasonable" amount in extreme situations.
Complete Base Game
A basic game of hockey including skating, stick handling, goals, stat keeping, intermissions, periods, overtime
Allow players to connect and play against each other on remote servers

To Complete First Full Release

ETA: Unknown